DIY Friday: Make an LED Mooninite Shirt (and Don’t Get Arrested)




While NPR has said its the first sign of cross-generational warfare, the arrest of two twenty-something Guerilla Marketers in Boston Wednesday for leaving lite-bright-based ads for the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie in subways and on bridges strikes when they set off city-wide terrorist alerts strikes yours truly as a simple misunderstanding with enough blame to go around.

The reality: Boston’s entire police force (not to mention the Department of Homeland Security) showed that they need to get in touch with American pop culture and modern advertising techniques, but Cartoon Network and the guerrilla marketers they hire have to be sensitive to the realities of a post-9-11 world where circuit board filled boxes (regardless of what’s on the outside) on subway platforms should cause some concern when marketing their fine wares. In the end, what the world needs is a little more peace and understanding… and a cool how-to on how to make your own Mooninite shirt and look like an object of terror (I guess).


Thankfully our pals over at MAKE have the guide and, while I’m not sure I’d like to wear the shirt (one wonders how you’re supposed to clean it) it might be a fun geeky way to spend a cold winter’s weekend in the great indoors.

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